The Consequences of Healthy Eating

Ever since my ‘minor heart incident’ I have been trying to eat healthy.  A good idea in theory.  So keeping that in mind I decided to bake a sweet potato for dinner.  I got a big one, set the oven to 400 degrees and baked that sucker for an hour.  Not long enough, but I was hungry.  Turns out a half baked sweet potato isn’t all that tasty.  And later on I discovered that sweet potatoes and I don’t really see eye to eye on things.  Later on was after 9PM and into the night.  It was then that I became the western  worlds largest supplier of ‘natural gas’.  The situation got to the point where I was becoming an environmental hazard and the EPA had to be called in.  People living within a half a mile of me had to evacuate their homes.  But my wife stayed with me the whole time.  True she had to wear a hazmat uniform and the EPA made her stay in a bunker like trailer about a 100 yards away; at least I think that was her, it was kinda hard to tell.  But it all ended well and, hey, at least it wasn’t Valentine’s Day.

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