All Weather Man or Maybe Not

Walking is my ‘new’ have to do.  Y’know, exercise the old heart, get the blood pumping and, no matter what, don’t drop dead.  So I really like it when the sun’s out, the wind is mild and the temps are above 60.  But today is none of those.  Rain, wind and 33 degrees.  There  was a time when I laughed at rain, wind and 33.  And snow too.  Why I was able to leap tall snow drifts in a single bound.  Braved the windiest winds and the rainiest rains like Super Duck.  But now the feathers are gone as are the muscles.  Oh I can still leap, but its just to get out of bed.  And the only rains l fight now are in the shower.  As for wind, well I mostly make my own.   That’s the new me, Wimpy Man.

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