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My ‘Subway’ Moment

The stent was installed on Tuesday.  What it replaced was my appetite.  On Wednesday and Thursday I ate very little,  just a little cereal.  But by Friday I was hungry.  So Friday afternoon DB asked me what I wanted and I said ‘Subway’.  One of their healthier subs.  My step son Dr D (he’s not really a doc, but as smart as any I’ve ever met), had offered to get me something so he went to get it.  Well in between the ‘get me a sub’ and ‘here it is, enjoy’ the twisted finger of fate stepped in.  First a new Doc and then a nurse who cheerfully informed me that they were going to be looking into both ends of my body with strange and wonderful devices.  And that, sorry, you can’t have any food starting NOW and nothing to drink after midnight.  Some stupid reason about food and drink tending to cloud and obscure the lens of what’s going to be up one end of me and down the other.  The procedure was scheduled for between 1-3PM on Saturday.  I told DB I thought it would be later just because it would mean I would have to wait longer to eat and drink.  Turns out I was right.  5PM.  But after.  After the Doc came in said ‘Hey, your insides look great’ (actually what he said was ‘what a waste of time, there was nothing inside of you worth looking at’).  I could eat.  Dr D said he wanted the honor of getting me my first meal.  So off to ‘Subway’ and this time for real.  And here it is.  My first real meal since Tuesday.image (2) (640x480)