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All Weather Man or Maybe Not

Walking is my ‘new’ have to do.  Y’know, exercise the old heart, get the blood pumping and, no matter what, don’t drop dead.  So I really like it when the sun’s out, the wind is mild and the temps are above 60.  But today is none of those.  Rain, wind and 33 degrees.  There  was a time when I laughed at rain, wind and 33.  And snow too.  Why I was able to leap tall snow drifts in a single bound.  Braved the windiest winds and the rainiest rains like Super Duck.  But now the feathers are gone as are the muscles.  Oh I can still leap, but its just to get out of bed.  And the only rains l fight now are in the shower.  As for wind, well I mostly make my own.   That’s the new me, Wimpy Man.

Hittin’ My Stride

As part of my rehab I’m supposed to exercise.  Til the docs say otherwise it’s pretty much just walking.  So everyday I’m out there on the sidewalks and parking lots laying it on the line step by step.  And at least once a day I walk for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Occasionally I go for the gold and walk 35 minutes.  But there are drawbacks to walking.  Noooo, you say.  Well grab some snacks, a candy bar or two, and sit back in your easy chair and I’ll tell it like it really is.  When I start my walk it typically takes me a minute or two to get up to speed.  But when I hit my stride and have shifted into fourth gear and I am blistering along at 1.5mph.  Impressive I know, but……..  Two days ago a toddler just learning to walk left me in his dust.  And yesterday a woman with a walker who must be at least 90 told me to move over because I was slowing her down.  But none of that bothered because today I had my moment of triumph.  An old man with a cane and I were neck and neck going around the sidewalk.  After the first turn he slipped and fell and I breezed past him.  Perhaps I should feel ashamed since I might have nudged his cane causing him to fall, but I don’t.  I won.  At the end I had an Olympic moment and awarded myself the Gold.  Still I know there are many more difficult challenges ahead.  I saw another one today, a 3 year old with a determined  look in her eye.  But I’m not afraid.